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Elkcentrik Spirits imports and distributes quality spirits and liqueurs from Latvia.

We are the representatives for the companies of “Latvijas Balzams”, and “Jaunalko” in Australia.

Latvijas Balzams is one of Latvia's oldest distilleries, founded in 1900, and the largest, producing 130 different beverages. Along with its famous Riga Black Balsam herbal bitters, which was first made in Riga, in 1752, it produces a range of vodkas, gins and liqueurs. Latvijas Balzams is also one of the distilleries that produces Stolichnaya vodka.

Even though Jaunalko is one of Latvia's newest distilleries, it is one of the largest producers of alcoholic beverages in the Baltic States. The company was founded in 1996 as a joint venture with the Finnish company Primalco, (owners of the Finlandia Vodka label), and is now owned by Latvian persons and JSC «Trade House of Boris Smirnov», that joined the company at the beginning of the year 2007. Kurland and Arsenitch being two separate product lines from Jaunalko. Kurzeme, the region where the Jaunalko distillery is located, is famous for its old traditions of alcoholic beverage production. Official documents show that already in 1554 there was alcohol distillation and production of alcoholic beverages in the Kurzeme region. Jaunalko combines old traditions of the Kurzeme region with today’s modern technologies. Jaunalko’s main products, high-quality vodka and spirit drinks, are well known in the local market and are exported to more than 15 countries worldwide — Europe, Australia, Asia, N. and S. America. Its products have received a number of prestigious awards in the world’s largest spirits competitions, including a Gold medal for Arsenitch vodka in the International Wine & Spirit Competition in London, 2006. Jaunalko’s high-quality products satisfy the most exquisite demands of consumers, with the company continuing its development by following the world’s market tendencies and the clients’ requests.

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The land of azure seas, emerald forests, amber plains and warm-hearted people.
The name of this vodka comes from one of historical regions of Latvia, situated in the west by the Baltic Sea, where the Jaunalko distillery is located. Kurland Vodka is a natural grain vodka that stands for the thoroughness of the old traditions, the riches of nature and experience of masters.

This famous vodka came out into the world 180 years later than date of birth of the man after whom it was named. Arsenitch Vodka is produced in the small town of Talsi, 100 kilometres from Riga, the capital of Latvia, at the Jaunalko distillery, under licence from Boris Aleksejevich Smirnoff, the great-great-grandson of Arsenitch from Moscow. It is one of the best and highest quality Vodkas in Europe. It has a great number of rewards of the highest denomination. The marvellous taste of this Vodka is well-known through out the world, however, few know the story about Arsenitch, whose portrait embellishes the label of this fine vodka.

Elkcentrik Spirits offers a range of products from both companies that will please and delight the discerning drinker. Each product is unique in its presentation and offers something special to be enjoyed. From the smoothness of the vodkas to the herbal intensity of Black Balsam, We have something different to tempt you and your customers.

For information regarding our products please utilize the buttons on your left, and further menu buttons below. If you would like more information, or prices, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Elkcentrik Spirits.